Go beyond Business Intelligence. The new KPIs for your business


Traditional business development has but two tools to increase sales performance:

• Continue innovating and renewing the fleet of products and services
• Find new distribution channels: often international, now highly digital.

But first and foremost, selling actually means gaining clients by constructing a relationship likely to last over time. The value of this relationship can be measured through a series of highly advanced KPIs. These include the Lifetime Value (LTV), which is the most difficult to calculate but undoubtedly the most relevant in terms of the medium-term evaluation of the brand’s development.

Lifetime Value is the past and future dimension of the business relationship we developed and can maintain over time with our client.
The KPI is no longer the rate of conversion, but: which channel and which campaign attracts the best clients in terms of lifetime value? And in relation to Customer Acquisition Costs (CACs)?


Can you answer these questions today?

• How much is a retained client worth? What is their future value? Who are your top 100 clients?

• How much is the maximum purchase value allowed to gain a loyal client?

• What is the life cycle of my clients today?

• Through which channels am I gaining the most loyal clients?

• What is the churn rate of my clients?

• How can I change my campaigns to intercept more value-added clients?

• What can I automatically suggest to my clients based on their purchase history?

• Which products are often purchased together?


Have you already defined new KPIs to monitor and integrate in all product development strategies, market expansion, definition of spending budgets for promotional campaigns and above all to keep the health of your business under control ?