In the digital transformation era, data is fundamental for competitive advantage, but it is not enough on its own. The right combination of analytics, culture and processes is essential to turn your data into “transformative” information.


For a correct implementation of the BSC it is necessary to perform some basic steps:

• Identify Vision;

• Identify Strategy;

• Identify Critical Factors;

• Identify KPIs;

• Analyze the results;

• Create action plans;

• Manage, maintain and improve the scorecard.

It is therefore essential to identify and clarify vision and strategy, communicate to the organization and link strategic objectives and measures, plan and establish goals, increase strategic feedback and encourage continuous learning.


A typical error of BSC implementations usually arises from the request of the BOARD to immediately want all the indicators available, the advice is to implement a gradual approach; it is necessary to digest the “change of methodology” and therefore it is not necessary to immediately devote many resources to the automation of all KPIs before starting to use it.

Instead, it is more profitable to determine a subset of KPIs and set up a complete data entry cycle.

Once the machine has been started, it is necessary not to run into the second typical error which is that of devoting too much time in the retrieval and relative certification of the data, after the first run-in phase which will have to certify the data sources, it is necessary to pass to the next step where everyone the actors involved will have the confidence that the number is certified and will devote their time to analyzing the results and then understanding the reason for certain phenomena.


The benefits deriving from the application of the BSC can be summarized as follows:

• Helps align performance measurements with strategy at every level of the organization;

• Provides management a complete picture of operational activities;

• Facilitates communication and understanding of business goals and strategies at every level of the organization;

• Provides strategic feedback and encourages learning.


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